Dining Out

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    The New X-Bar

    For those of you who have been around West LA for a while, you’re no stranger to X-Bar located inside the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza hotel. We recently ventured to the spot for happy hour since we heard it had undergone a menu revamp as well as face lift. It screams LA power meetings filled […] Read more…

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    Red Medicine – Culinary Artistry

    Check one off the bucket list of restaurants! Red Medicine located in Beverly Hills is anything but your typical weekend excursion. It presents its patrons with an opportunity to partake in a culinary adventure inspired by Vietnamese cuisine. When I say ‘inspired’, I use the term loosely. Red Medicine’s manifesto clearly tells the tale of how […] Read more…

Local Events

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    Bottlenotes’ 80 Sips Around the World

    For those of you who know me personally, I shared recently that I’ve enrolled in an intermediate wine course to expand my knowledge of the world of wine and spirits. This past weekend, Bottlenotes was courteous enough to extend an invitation to their annual event 80 Sips Around the World. (Don’t let the name fool […] Read more…

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    Los Angeles Times THE TASTE

    What a great month for the food scene in LA. Back to back weekends of food festivals, incredible talent,and stretch pants. If you haven’t already made plans for this coming holiday weekend, give some thought to the Los Angeles Times’ THE TASTE. Not only will there be three days of food tasting and cocktail/ wine offerings, […] Read more…

In The Kitchen

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    Lemon Garlic Tilapia

    Tilapia definitely isn’t my favorite fish, but it’s light and absorbs flavor very well. It requires minimal cook time and can be very easy to prepare. To help my household eat healthier and cleaner, I prepared the fish in a lemon garlic sauce with a hint of butter. I served it over a bed of […] Read more…

  • Bread Pudding_Main Image

    Croissant Bread Pudding

    Happy new years all! As part of getting a fresh start for the new year, I decided to clean out my refrigerator. I had half a box of croissants left which were starting to become slightly stale. I decided to make them into bread pudding so that they wouldn’t go to waste. I opted to […] Read more…

Product Reviews

  • Nounat_Main

    Wednesday’s Wine: 2012 Nounat Binigrau

    Yesterday marked the inaugural day of my wine sommelier journey. To ensure I’m keep my palate fresh and ensure new wines are being tried, I’ll be writing a series of quick wine recommendations on Wednesdays. The wine for this week is a 2012 Nounat Binigrau. This wine is a blend of chardonnay and prensal blanc […] Read more…

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    GODIVA’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box

    Being of Chinese descent, I grew up looking forward to eating mooncakes each year during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I’d accompany my mom as she ran around town shopping for and gifting delicious mooncakes filled with red bean or lotus seed paste. For those of you who may not be familiar, the Mid-Autumn Festival or “moon festival” […] Read more…