Selecting Wine and Cheese Combinations

Sparked by my current research into wineries in Napa, my curiosity began to grow about how to appropriately pair cheese with the wine I plan to acquire on the trip. I started looking into tips from the industry experts and realized there aren’t any hard rules about what’s right or wrong, but did come across come general guidelines.

  • Pairing wines and cheese from the same regions tends to be a safe place to start.
  • White wines tend to go well with soft cheeses that have a stronger, more pungent flavor and smell.
  • Red wines generally work better with hard cheeses that have much milder flavors.
  • The flavor of salty cheeses, and even some washed rind cheeses, balances out the sweetness of dessert wines, and vice versa.

Wine Inquirer created this chart that could be useful when making selections:

wine_and_cheese_pairing chart

In the end, its part of the fun to taste test the different combinations and see what works best for your own palates. Cheers!

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