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As consumers are becoming more conscious of the kinds of foods we put into our bodies, demanding knowledge of where it was sourced, cultivated, processed (if any) and distributed, the same kind of movement is occurring with one of the world’s leading cash crops: coffee.
This dark, complex, ubiquitous beverage, which has become a ritual for many to start their day, has found renewed interest in what many are calling the “third wave of coffee” – a movement to produce high-quality coffee with the same scrutiny, intensity and fervor as you would with other artisanal items like wine and cheese.
Specialty coffee shops that espouse these beliefs have been around for some time (as early as the 60’s) but didn’t come into it’s own until Starbucks really started to take over the world from a retail perspective, with major roasting outfits (e.g. Intelligentsia, Counter Culture, etc) really making their push.
While most coffee connoisseurs would see the former statement as controversial, let’s give credit where it’s due – the lines outside of Pike Place in Seattle speak for themselves.
With that said, many of us in urban areas can walk, bike, commute to a specialty coffee shop to enjoy the taste and aroma of single origin beans prepared to order, roasted to perfection on a day-to-day basis.
I for one am very fortunate to live near an Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, Peets, Philz (e.g. corporate shops) along with boutiques such as Cognoscenti Coffee, Go Get’m Tiger, Barista Society, Demitasse Coffee, etc).
However, as someone who enjoys the process and ritual of making my coffee beverage of choice, I prefer to get my own beans, grind, extract and pull my shots.
While I could go to these various joints and obtain beans for this purpose, there is another, more convenient way to get the choicest beans to get my fix without having to guess whether or not the beans purchases are still in prime condition. The answer is The Moustache Coffee Club (MCC).
Specializing in providing the coffee fanatic in your life with vacuum sealed packages of the freshest, single origin beans, the MCC will roast and ship quality beans to you the same day.
What does this mean? By the time it arrives on your doorstep (3 days or so), you will have beans that are perfectly roasted and ready to grind. No guess work, no fuss – the “Best After” date on the packaging makes this idiot proof.
Not only that, you get to experience a new roaster with every shipment, adding a lot of variety and seasonality to your coffee experience.
For my shipment, I received a box containing a perfectly sealed package of coffee bean goodness. The beans were from a southern Californian roaster (Bar Nine) located in Culver City. Zayde and his staff opened up fairly recently and have made a splash in the commercial/tech sector of the now burgeoning area of downtown Culver City with their great service, employee rev share model and freshly roasted beans which they do on-site.
The fact that MCC has made a partnership with this roaster shows their commitment to sourcing the best, freshest, ethically conscious roasters in the marketplace today.
After checking the date for freshness, I opened the bag and was immediately hit with the the complex flavors of this varietal. The bright scents and notes made my mouth water and I couldn’t wait to grind the beans and pull my first shot.
Adding my beans to my hopper and getting them ground, the intensity of the beans wafted up to my nose with hints of fruit, honey and thyme.
The freshness of the beans was extremely apparent, both before and after I ground them into my portafilter. The sheen of the beans, the smell and texture really came through. This is quality stuff!
As the espresso started flowing into my cup, I knew it had a chance to be amazing. The thickness and intensity of color was nice and the aroma was intensified from when they were whole.
Upon taste, the flavors were spot on, with a nice mouthfeel and texture that finished with a very slight herbaceous note.
MCC offers a variety of packages, including a free sample package for those that are too timid to take the plunge. However, I would highly recommend subscribing to them if you are an enthusiast and want the freshest coffee beans at your doorstep. It’s comparable in price to other offers out in the market, including the leading specialty roasters so give them a shot (pun intended).
Note: The espresso was extracted using a Mazzer Mini-E, Profitec Pro 700 setup

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