Los Angeles Magazine Best New Restaurants 2017

Despite popular belief, Angelenos have no fear of the rain.. when it comes to food at least. Last week we decided to brave the rainy weather for one of the best food festivals of the year. This year’s event was held at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in downtown LA and was stacked with a strong lineup of culinary masterminds. This event showcases Los Angeles Magazines picks for the best restaurants in Los Angeles as featured in their January edition.

Without further ado, here were the top 10 picks for best new restaurants of 2016.

# 10 Howlin’ Rays Nashville Hot Chicken Wings with kosher dill pickles

#9 71 Above – Grilled Octopus, peach and lemon mustard

#8 Baran’s 2239 – Quail Indian Egg wrapped in lamb sausage, curry jus, and cucumber salad

#7 Here’s Looking At You – Soft shell prawn with sauce diabla, avocado and rau ram

#6 Unit 120 featuring Now Serving – Salt Cod Chowder with green garlic, mussels, and chickpeas

#5 Shibumi Hemp and Greens and Egg tofu with uni

Unfortunately, they weren’t included in the list of purveyors that night but here’s a sample of the beautiful cuisines they create.

#4 Wolf – Let the Beet Drop, beets, citrus, yuzu and sorrel

#3 P.Y.T Salt-baked turnip

This is one dish I had wished I got to try. P.Y.T. wasn’t available that night so I’ll just have to plan an outing to check out this vegetable-centered restaurant.

#2 Kali – Local black mussels, black garlic, vinegar sea foam

#1 Erven – Beer Battered Tofu Sliders

There were a few other purveyors there which didn’t make the list but are renowned in the LA food scene.

Manhattan Beach Post – Citrus Cured Salmon with cucumber and avocado

Scopa Italian Roots – Handmade Cavatelli with black peppter and pecorino

The Bellweather – Nancy’s Day Boat Scallops with duck bacon, sprouted lentils and orange creme fraiche

The event definitely made what could’ve been a gloomy rainy night into a night of laughter, libations and happy bellies. Congrats and a milk & cookie cheers to Erven! What a great start to 2017!


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